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For combined Treble Choir (children) and SATB Choir, with piano accompaniment.
duration 3:40

The children’s choir version of this song has proven to be so popular that I’ve arranged it here for children’s choir with adult SATB choir.

The song is a dialogue between the Earth (the SATB choir) and the children - highlighting the interdependent relationship between us and this amazing planet.
SA version for children’s choir available from the SongLibrary
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Treble choir and SATB

SATB and treble choir

Also available:
Full score and parts for orchestra. Arranged to accompany the choir.

Instrumentation: 2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, French horn, 3 trumpets, trombone, tuba, drum kit, percussion, violin 1, violin 2, violin 3 (substitute for viola), viola, cello, bass, piano. Optional instruments; 2 alto saxes, electric guitar, electric bass, synth.
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Full score and parts
Digital download (PDF) - no shipping required.
I am the river flowing
I am the desert dry
I am the four winds blowing
I am the sunset sky

I am the forest breathing
I am the ocean wide
I am the storm clouds gathering
I am the mountain high

I am the Earth

We are the children growing
You are the place we live
We are the seed you’re sowing
We are the life you give

We are the future rising
We will be your voice
We will watch and learn from you
We will make the choice

I am the Earth
You’re in our hands
I am the Earth
We’re in your care
I am the Earth
Together we stand
I am the Earth
This moment in time we share

We share the future
Stand side by side
One Earth, one people
We’ll turn the tide
And in the future
They’ll say with pride
One Earth, one people
We turned the tide

Side by side

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