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A dramatic and uplifting song, with piano accompaniment.
duration 4:22

I was inspired to write this song when I discovered how solar lighting is changing the lives of impoverished Indian communities. Without electricity, these lights allow children to study at night, make the streets safer and enhance the social life of the communities.

From the harnessing of fire to warm and protect our ancient ancestors to our ability to transform night into day, controlling light has allowed us to survive and to thrive.

The song begins with the threatening howl of wolves and a plea to bring the light – fire. As the story evolves, our ability to generate light gives us the power to extend our days, expanding our hearts and minds in the process.

It also serves as an analogy of hope in dark times.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Martin Luther King
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Brandon Moss - choir director, teacher, and composer/arranger, Ohio USA



Photo by Daniel Mung/World Vision. Used with permission. Find out more about this image.
Gather round gather round in the night
Now the sun’s gone down
Gather round gather round bring the light
Fire burning in the ground

Ahh-ooo, ahh-ooo

Gather round gather round in the night
Keep the wolves at bay
Gather round gather round bring the light
Turn night into day

Ahh-ooo, ahh-ooo

In the light we learn to shine
Bring to life our hearts and minds
Bring the light, bring the light

In the light we’ll find our way
Turn the darkness into day
Bring the light, bring the light

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