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Who Am I?
The first album I bought when I was 11 was Let It Be. I soon started working out songs from the radio on our old piano. Later on at high school I took up the French horn and then went on to complete a music degree at university. I played in orchestras, jazz groups and rock bands. With a recording contract came opportunities in arranging, recording, touring and production. After several years I turned my attention to composing and songwriting. I now bring all of these experiences to my work.
My work includes:
  • Composer/Songwriter for ABC Television (Australia)
  • Composer for the documentary ‘I Told You I Was Ill: The Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan’
  • Composer/Songwriter for The World Conference on Information Technology (WCIT)
  • Songwriter/Arranger for the South Australian and Western Australian Primary Schools Music Festivals
  • Composer/Sound Designer for State Theatre Company of South Australia, Windmill Performing Arts and Patch Theatre Company
  • Composer/Arranger for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
  • Keyboard/French horn player with Australian bands Seven Stories, The Borderers, COW and Sun Theory.
Who Are You?
If you are one of the following, chances are I can help you achieve something new and exciting with music.
If you're
not in the list, consider yourself included too.
Artistic Director
Band Leader
Choir Director
Documentary Film Maker
Event Manager
Film Director
Music Teacher
Musical Director
School Principal
School Teacher
Street Performer
Theatre Director
Website Designer
the parent or friend of a singer or musician
If you write your own music and want to take it to the next level, I can transcribe, arrange and orchestrate it for you.